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From design to completion. A full package.

We design and build ventilated facades systems always searching for new products, technologies and channels to serve a dynamic market. Our team is made up of professional and skilled workers with access to the best equipment and technology who make the most of their experience within the sector for satisfying the needs of all market players.

GV Facades Five Platforms One Concept: Turn-Key Solutions

From design intent to installation

We offer a full package that leaves all the guess work out of the picture. That is what separates us from the pack: TURN KEY SOLUTIONS.

Five but solid platforms: Technical Resource, Sales Support, Project Management, Manufacturing and Installations. We control and manage every aspect of the process within our company. This is an holistic vision that allows us to always have the complete control of the entire process, making it possible for us to meet the market demands and place ourselves on top service.

We believe that this is the best way to truly deliver our services to our clients.

A complete circle that encloses all elements crucial to successful projects.

Five platforms, one concept. Turn Key.


Austrian and Italian Innovation

As industry leaders, GV Facades offers invaluable knowledge to owners, designers and builders alike.

With more than fifteen years of building envelope experience, specializing in Rain-Screen Systems, our team has answers for every single detail regardless of intricacy. Our team is highly perceptive of the intent of the designer and we interpret the design in the best way possible to maintain the concept, making the submittal process very smooth.


Our team of sales representatives, estimators, and technicians ensure that your project is carefully developed from start to completion.


We understand communication is paramount. Our Project Managers are there to assist with the coordination and optimization to materialize the project efficiently. By getting intimate with the projects early with a keen-to-detail eye, Project Managers can anticipate potential issues and work with all parties to bring the project to fruition within budget and on time.


By controlling all aspects of the fabrication process, we ensure not only the highest quality standards but also minimize potential problems. We have highly skilled workers with access to the best equipment and technology, along with Grade A materials.


On site, our highly skilled personnel ensure that our systems are properly installed. You can have the best system but without proper installation it is worthless. Trained workers deliver superior products, consistently and on time.

Envelope systems

the innovative systems of GV Facades

Attaching cladding panels with adhesives

The vertical fixing system consists of F1 wall brackets and supporting beams. The facade cladding is attached to the supporting beams with an adhesive system*. This fixing system is ideally suited for installing large-format cladding materials on brickwork or concrete masonry.

* It is absolutely mandatory to comply with the requirements issued by the manufacturers of adhesives and facade elements. The applicable construction requirements must be observed.

Attachment methods for undercut anchors

The fixing system consists of F1 wall brackets, vertical supporting beams and horizontal agraffe-supporting beams. The pre-fabricated facade elements are mounted onto the horizontal agraffe-supporting beams, adjusted and permanently secured against sideward movement.

Advanced technology

To be always at the cutting edge, we are constantly looking for new products and advanced technologies, such as KEIL Anchor. An innovative and invisible fixing system used worldwide in the façade industry for rain screen, wall cladding, exterior and interior façades. This technology allows us to create unique and contemporary projects because designers feel free to design and express their creativity.

Sustainability advantages

The use of ventilated façades fixing systems has various advantages such as the protection of the structure from atmospheric agents, a correct and better air circulation, greater thermal and acoustic insulation. Moreover different studies have shown how the use of these systems greatly affects the saving of energy. The protection provided by the ventilated façade system sure enough allows for an energy saving of up to 20%. In particular our fixing systems have these features:

Porcelain tile 100% recyclable natural product

Porcelain tile does not emit volatile organic compounds

Reduced heat flow inside the building by 80%

Greater comfort wellbeing inside the building

Porcelain tile 100% recyclable natural product

Porcelain tile does not emit volatile organic compounds

Reduced heat flow inside the building by 80%

Greater comfort wellbeing inside the building

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